I Luv (my) Hate Storys…

Girlfriends! :-* A constant factor in every girl’s life, whether rich or poor, good or bad, single or committed, heartbroken or in a complicated relation, is a girlfriend. Referring to an anonymous point of view, most love stories begin with hatred. Weirdly, most of my girl ‘love stories’ either begin with hatred or seem to have in them a period of  extreme hatred. I often tend to owe the hatred portion to my extremely passionate mood swings, outbursts of anger (often unnecessary),  in addition to the inevitable external forces of circumstance. One of MY favorite love/hate story is the one with Navya, The Jajimi in it (you would understand why I address her so, if you knew her mastery over the English language) ;-). She also forced me to blog about her.

I went to school with this hot chick for 12 years (or 12 eras as she would prefer calling it), and I always despised her (or at least I thought I did so) to a level that defines hatred with irritation. Now, think of prankster who makes rib tickling jokes that literally make you roll on the floor laughing. One of the funniest episode Navya narrated (in grade 5) was the one where she convinced her grandmom that plots on the moon were out for auction, and she better hurry if she wanted to buy some land (on the moon) at a reasonable price. Sometimes she just had to open her mouth, the way she conveyed her point, even about trivial matters, was hilarious. Are you wondering where the hatred in the story arises. Well dude, she din’t spare her grandmother, why would she spare you? 😡 So basically Navya, to me, was this creature who irritated, teased and mocked you so hard that given a chance, you would want to beat her to pulp. My wavering hatred came back every now and then, but it would reach its ultimatum when she pissed me off real hard and then imitated the way my lips move when I am yelling at her. (Oh! my lips do twist a lot when I talk).  This girl used to play with the strings of my patience, like they were those of an electric guitar. I definitely need to narrate one particular incident here. My good friend Seshupriya, had a torn bag and was desperately in search of a new one to put her books into. She made an announcement asking who could lend her a bag. Navya raises her hand and says “Hey Seshu, I have a purple bag and you can borrow it for a while”. Hmmm, a relieved Seshu asks Navya for the bag and this is what my lovely girlfriend does; draws on paper, a bag, with a purple sketch pen and proudly gives it to Seshu, saying here it is! Trust me, you don’t want to get into what followed. 😛

12 years of togetherness din’t do much, and neither of us made any effort to stay in touch. But love happened immediately when I met her 3 years later. She had become a woman, my ideal girlfriend material. 😀 Her sense of maturity, her constant concern, the ‘you can wake up me at midnight and cry, I’ll be there for you’ attitude, and almost everything along with her silly, irritating mockery, I love it all. When I am with her I realize that almost everyone laughs at others, but it takes a great deal to make jokes and laugh at yourself. Yes, my girlfriend can do that. And like all my other friends agree, she is indeed ‘the ghee’ of the meal, meaning, her presence DOES make a difference. With her we are one crazy fish market . She is a person who can constantly call me ‘Taataki’ and still be one of my best friend (I will never forget that she din’t make it for my graduation though). Navya and me, we have walked similar paths, crossed similar horizons and drowned into similar oceans, all hand in hand. 🙂 I’m as glad as glad can be, this hate story turned into love. 😉 Baby, this one is for you, you ask and it shall be granted. In my prayers, I constantly tell God, “You have given me relatives, thank you for letting me choose my friends”.

2 thoughts on “I Luv (my) Hate Storys…

  1. hey love you honey…..this was a wonderful surprise………………………..had fun reading through…..eagerly waiting to catch up…

  2. Nice one..i am following ur blogs righ from the beginning..i like your style of writing..perfectly balanced….eagerly waiting for your next one… 🙂
    “Purple bag”..is pichha comedy…

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